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2020 Fees for IYLA Games

Minutes per Quarter
Field Size
Number of Officials
Fee Per Official
Total Game Fees
10U (3/4)
12U (5/6)
14U (7/8)
  • For any 12U or 14U game with only one official, the fee due is 1.5 times the 2-man rate.
  • One-man crews normally occur only when a) assigned officials experience an emergency, or b) when no other officials are available to be assigned.

2020 5th Quarter Fees for IYLA games

Fee Per Official

Total 5th Quarter Fees

10U (3/4)
12U (5/6)
14U (7/8)
  • 5th Quarters MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE of game day.
  • For safety reasons 5th Quarters are not available with a 1-Man crew on full-field games.


Mileage Reimbursement Plan

In the event that no officials are available for assignment to regular-season games played in a designated region within the state, ILOA assigners may need to use (an) official(s) from outside that region.  Because substantial travel is required in those cases, officials accepting such assignments shall be compensated at the rates described below.  NOTE: All reasonable efforts will be made to assign officials within their region or designated remote area before officials will be assigned to travel.


  • A region is defined as at least three schools where at least one is within thirty miles of the other two.  A region will continue as long as the distances overlap even if two schools in a region are more than thirty miles apart.
  • There are currently five regions:  Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, and Northwest Indiana.
  • Each official will be assigned to a region.
  • Officials will not receive travel compensation for any games worked within their assigned region regardless of how far it is from their actual starting point.

Remote Programs

  • A team is considered remote unless there are two other teams primary home fields within thirty shortest main route road miles in one more or less continuous direction.
  • There are currently six remote programs:  Culver, West Lafayette Harrison, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Howe, and Columbus.
  • Any official living within thirty miles of a remote location will not receive travel compensation for games worked there.
  • PLEASE NOTE that neutral site games scheduled outside an identified region are subject to the same conditions as Remote program home games.  Example: Indianapolis-area teams scheduling games at Wabash College.

Rate and Distance Calculation

  • Round trip distance will be calculated using Google Maps’ shortest main route.
  • Each region will use the central-most field, designated below, as its start/end point.
  • Each remote area will use its primary field location as its start/end point.
  • Charged miles shall be the round trip distance minus 60 miles (representing comparable in-region travel for which an official is responsible).
  • Reimbursement is calculated by multiplying the charged miles by the 2015 IRS rate of 57.5 cents per mile.
  • The total will be rounded off to the nearest five dollar amount.
  • This will make a flat fee for every official in one region traveling to another region or remote location.

Distances and Fees

The start/end point for each region:

Region Start/End Point
North Central High School
Fort Wayne
Kreager Park
South Bend
Mishawaka Penn High School (includes Bremen and Concord)
Northwest Indiana
Chesterton High School (includes Crown Point and LaPorte)
Evansville Central High School


Charged Miles / Travel Fee

Destination / Origin Indianapolis Ft.Wayne S.Bend Evansville NW Indiana
Bloomington 79 / $40 304 / $165 342 / $185 170 / $90 362 / $195
W. Lafayette Harrison 74 / $40 192 / $105 178 / $95 338 / $180 112 / $60
Ft. Wayne 182 / $95   105 / $55 530 / $285 182 / $95
South Bend 214 / $115 114 / $60    574 / $305 60 / $30
Culver 152 / $80 99 / $55 37 / $20 512 / $275 51 / $25
Evansville 306 / $165 532 / $285 578 / $310   504 / $270
NW Indiana 260 / $140 182 / $95 60 / $30 504 / $270  
Howe 272 / $145 62 / $35 15 / $10 642 / $345 131 / $70
Columbus 74 / $40 300 / $160 344 / $185 240 / $130 368 / $195
Wabash (Crawfordsville) 36 / $20        


Remote to Remote travel

  • While unusual, an official residing in a designated Remote area may actually be closer to another Remote area than are individuals within an established Region.
  • When possible, and in order to contain costs for those remote programs, such officials as described above will be offered assignments in neighboring Remote areas.
  • In order to maintain fairness in travel expense, distance and remuneration calculations will be made and published here for Remote area “pairings”.
  • There is currently only one such pairing:
    • Columbus to/from Bloomington
    • Charged miles = 24
    • Remuneration = $15


 Cancellation Policy

  • Teams will not be charged for games postponed before the opening face off due to circumstances beyond their control. (Primarily weather). Applicable mileage fees will still be due.
  • Officials will be due ½ a game fee for any game postponed during the first half. It is up to the league to determine whether the game will be restarted, or resume from the time of postponement. Either way the assigned officials are due a full game fee for the resumed game.
  • Officials are due a full game fee for any game postponed after the conclusion of the 2nd quarter.
  • Assigned Officials will be due 1/2 game fee for any game canceled due to controllable circumstances within 14 days of the scheduled game(s). If the game(s) is rescheduled the appropriate assigning priority will apply.  This also applies to the second game of a double assignment (e.g. JV/Varsity or double-header).