The IYLA will be conducting roster verification of all teams for the 2020 season.  The association will be looking at three primary areas to verify. One, each player must have a USLacrosse membership number that does not expire before May 22, 2020. Two, a player may not play outside their designated age group.  Three, a player must meet the IYLA Player Eligibility Rules.


All teams must submit a complete roster verification form to Alonso Miller  by May 1st.  The submitted form must include players and coaching staff.  A separate form must be submitted for each team and titled with that team name.  (ex: IndianapolisA U14) The onus is on the team to gather the information to properly complete the roster verification form. Once the form is submitted to IYLA, it will be verified with USLacrosse and if there are any discrepancies then the team will be notified and given seven days to correct the error.  Failure to submit the form by May 1st will result in forfeiture of that team to participate in the IYLA playoffs for the season.  New players may continue to be added to the roster until May 15th.


IYLA understands that this is a new process for many teams and encourages teams to contact Andrew if you have any questions.  Please do not wait until a day or two before the due date to contact the IYLA with concerns or questions.